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At Spectral , we are not just influenced by market trends. We are about delivering original and well designed lighting that can enable your design concept to look as it was meant to. Our existing product range is made up of a wide collection of premium luminaires to suit most interior applications. We also offer specialist lighting advice to help you create the perfect ambience for any given space. Our luminaires are never are never sold as a me-too solution. Where possible, we always strive to tailor our products to suit your project needs. At Spectral, specials is our standard. Spectral’s full potential is revealed wherever projects call for ingenious, creative or particular solutions that can’t be catered for with standard products. Working closely with architects and designers, most of our luminaires have won international awards such as iF and Reddot. We are passionate about light. Spectral products can either be engineered to blend seamlessly into any property or being an overt lighting statement. At Spectral, we allow you as the designer to take the creative lead.

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