Do I qualify? AJ Connect

Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green
27 September 2019

As an architect:

  • You must be a specifier or a project lead with decision-making responsibilities for budget allocation.
  • You must have forthcoming projects and/or a project you are currently specifying for.
  • You must be an architect at a UK-based practice. 
  • You will need to register in advance, filling out a short form, and we will then add you to our waiting list before we can start the match-making process.*
  • Failure to attend will result in a £250 fee, unless you are able to find a suitable replacement.

As a supplier:

  • You must be a supplier/manufacturer in the design and construction industry.
  • You must have a relevant, senior representative available to meet with specifying architects.
  • You will need to register your interest so our team can contact you regarding sponsorship opportunities.

(*): Match-Making process

  • We will operate a first-come-first-served system for all architect registrations.
  • Architects will be matched with suppliers based on their current and forthcoming projects.
  • We will confirm architects’ attendance over the phone shortly after registration.

Please note attendance is free of charge for one architect per practice, however places are limited. AJ Connect is only available for UK architects. Suppliers are allowed one representative per company.

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